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Welcome to Nordic Attitude!

We started the shop in 2013 with the goal to offer a modern and innovative product range. Our shop will be imbued with this mindset, but important to note is that we see this goal as a long-term challenge to ensure a qualitative range. We have therefore chosen to begin this journey in a relatively small scale, and simply started with the conditions that exist in the current situation.

In our range, we have chosen to specialize ourselves in a few areas, which also will be clearer in the future. We do not intend to become an all-around-shop, but will instead focus on a few areas and from these pick out the best.

In particular, we will focus on the clothes, because clothing plays an important role in people's lives. Even now, we can offer a number of t-shirts and so on with a sleek and modern design, and we will continually pick out various garments that we think fits into our range.

We will also focus on good musical productions in various genres, but mostly in hardcore and its adjacent genres. In our musical catalog that contained, in addition to hardcore, including metal, rock, ballads, rap and so on. Otherwise, we will also bring in other products that we believe fit in with the rest of the range. We also want to clarify that we do not necessarily approve of the message that the products in our catalog may convey.

Finally, we hope that the knowledge and the sense of service that we possess to create a satisfied clientele, a clientele that together with us want to develop and create a conscious Nordic attitude.